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  1. Cyprus – Additional products and services with zero or reduced VAT

  2. Cyprus approves 5% VAT for small first residence

  3. Cyprus Tax Department: Reduced VAT, card payment acceptance, income tax declaration

  4. Update: Payment of VAT in 3 equal installments

  5. 14% VAT refund on Land transferred from Parents

  6. Cyprus: A new plan to attract skilled workforce, innovation, investors and companies

  7. February 2021 – Cyprus VAT in 3 equal installments

  8. Cyprus ends reduced 5% VAT period for restaurant and hotel industry

  9. Cyprus VAT payment in 6 equal monthly instalments

  10. Various Amendments to the VAT law

  11. Hospitality sector VAT reduced for six months only

  12. Life and private medical insurance tax deduction. Default interest rate

  13. VAT on building land 5%


  15. Interest on VAT refunds – 30/10/2012

  16. Value Added Tax (VAT)

  17. VAT Changes as from 1st January 2010 – 15/12/2009

  18. Employees with children in Cyprus – Additional annual leave days allowed

  19. Cyprus: Foreign investor Immigration Permit criteria changes

  20. Cyprus 2023: Notional Interest Deduction rates

  21. Cyprus: A guide to filing Annual Returns and Financial Statements

  22. 2023: The new Cyprus Tax for All System

  23. Cyprus bank and public holidays for 2023

  24. European Court of Justice rules against general public access to UBO registry

  25. Cyprus AIRBNB accommodations: Everyone must register

  26. Intellectual Property in Cyprus – information, benefits, protection

  27. 2022: Social Insurance Payments, Unemployment and Maternity allowance

  28. Obligation to Accept Payments by Card – New economic activities

  29. Updated 3/2022: Moving, living & establishing a company in Cyprus | Ukraine

  30. Types of Cyprus entities – Obligations, Taxation, Liabilities