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Archives for News & Updates

2023: The new Cyprus Tax for All System

  On 17/1/2023, the Cyprus Tax Department announced that the gradual implementation of the new Unified Tax Management System Tax For All (TFA) has already begun, which aims to gradually replace (among others) the TAXISnet platform and in the future…

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Cyprus bank and public holidays for 2023

  The dates listed below are Bank and Public Holidays in Cyprus for 2023. On these dates, all public services, private companies, banks, and shops are closed, although many shops and certain services remain open in some areas, busy shopping…

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Cyprus: Minimum wage at 940 euros per month

September 2022: The Cyprus Minister of Labour and Social Insurance, announced yesterday (31/8/2022) the establishment of the National Minimum Wage after the meeting of the Council of Ministers. The Cyprus National Minimum Wage is set at 940 euros. For new…

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Cyprus: 2022 transfer pricing changes

After recommendations by the OECD, the Cyprus parliament approved certain documentation requirements on transfer pricing (June 30th, 2022). The legislation is effective from 1 January 2022. The purpose of the changed regulations is to warrant compliance of covered entities with…

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