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There are two new directives, first for the fast reaction mechanism aimed towards preventing VAT fraud.

The second one is for the optional and temporary application of the reverse charge mechanism in relation to supplies of certain goods and services.

Quick Reaction mechanism provides the legal basis to the countries that are members of the EU to integrate an emergency measure in they are in a position to a serious case of sudden and massive VAT fraud.

The measure allows the countries of the EU membership to apply the reverse charge mechanism for a limited period of time with specific conditions also to be taken under consideration.

All of this represents a faster procedure.

More specifically, these new directives apply to digital services (everything that can be downloaded or used online).

The area of sectors where this mechanism can be taken to action is broader and it includes also mobile pones, integrated circuit devices, the supply of gas and electricity, telecom services, game consoles, tablet PCs and laptops, cereals and industrial crops, and raw and semi-finished materials.

As a seller on the market, you are responsible to pay the buyers VAT based in their own country (this means any EU country) nevertheless whether you are an EU based company or not.

These new directives are not quantity and price aware so by selling one ítem for less than a dollar, new legislature will rule are still being applied.

You are also obliged to store buyers’ information (their location etc.) for the next 10 years after the deal was executed.

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