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Participation in the Replenishment Scheme of National Solidarity Fund

An electronic service launched by the Ministry of Finance to contribute to the partial replenishment of losses incurred in 2013 by natural and legal persons who had the characteristics of a "retail client", due to the implementation of resolution measures in the two systemic Banks (Bank of Cyprus and Popular Bank).

A retail client is considered to be anybody who did not have the necessary knowledge to understand the risks involved in the management of their portfolio and had an impairment in 2013 of either deposits or securities.

You can submit your application through the link below by the 30th of April 2024

We also note the following:

Bank of Cyprus: For impairment of deposits and securities at the Bank of Cyprus, it is requested to fill in only any bank account number or Investor share code, without completing the amount that was impaired.

Popular Bank: For impairment of deposits and securities at the Popular Bank, only information for amounts that were impaired is to be provided.

You can contact us directly at for any queries you may have.

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