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Submit a Declaration of Withholding Taxes & Contributions (TD 7) for the year 2024 through the TAX FOR ALL (TFA) system

Following the migration to the «TFA» system, the Employer’s return form (TD 7) from 2024 onwards will be submitted on the «TFA» platform and not «TAXISNET» .  To successfully submit the form the TIC (Tax Identification Code) of all the employees is required so employers should ensure that they have collected this information from all their employees in order to avoid any complications and delays to the submission which may lead to penalties due to late submission.

We emphasize that it is the employer’s responsibility to obtain the TIC of the employee.  In the case that the employee does not have a TIC number we note that the process for the application to obtain TIC (Tax Identification Number) has now changed.

Before we, as P. Constantinou Ltd, could make the application on behalf of our clients (both companies and individuals) now only the person (individual or responsible for the company) can proceed with the registration through the «TFA Online Portal» (TAX FOR ALL).

As a first step you will need to  create an Account on the «TFA Online Portal» and then submit the request for the Electronic Registration in the «Tax Registry».

Below you will find the links with all the instructions:

In case you will need assistance with the above, either we can arrange through a call or if you want to visit our offices, please note that our fees for this remain at €100 + VAT.

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