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Cyprus public and bank holidays for 2021

Important: For the 2022 public and bank holidays please visit our new update below:

The dates listed below are Public Holidays in Cyprus. On these dates, all public services, private companies, banks, and shops are closed, although many shops and certain services remain open in some areas, mainly coastal areas, busy shopping streets, and resorts.

Please note that Banks are closed on Easter Tuesday also (4th of May), but not on Christmas Eve (Friday, 24th of December) to better accommodate trading companies and citizens with their banking needs.

For important deadlines regarding taxes and other submission dates for your company of personal finances, please refer to our 2021 Tax Diary.

Fixed day public and Bank Holidays in Cyprus for 2021

  • January 1st – New Year’s Day (Friday)

  • January 6th – Epiphany Day (Wednesday)

  • March 25th – Greek National Day (Thursday)

  • April 1st – National Anniversary Day (Thursday)

  • May 1st – Labour Day (Saturday)

  • August 15th – Assumption of the Virgin Mary (Sunday)

  • October 1st – Cyprus Independence Day (Friday)

  • October 28th – Greek National Anniversary Day (Thursday)

  • December 24th – Christmas Eve (Friday) – Banks open

  • December 25th – Christmas Day (Saturday)

  • December 26th – Boxing Day (Sunday)

 Variable Public and Bank holidays in Cyprus for 2021

  • Variable – Green Monday (50 Days before Greek Orthodox Easter) March 15th

  • Variable – Good Friday (Greek Orthodox Church) April 30th

  • Variable – Easter Sunday – May 2nd

  • Variable – Easter Monday (Greek Orthodox Church) May 3rd

  • * (Variable – Easter Tuesday (Greek Orthodox Church) May 4th – only Banks are closed

  • Variable – Pentecost – (Kataklysmos – Festival of the Flood) June 21st

If you need clarifications regarding the above dates please don’t hesitate to contact us >

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